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I would like to thank the members of the new BVF Law Firm for the exceptional handling of a recent law suit filed against me. The plaintiff in the case filed a complex lawsuit, most of which was totally false.  However, due to the dual defendants being my company and my personal position as the past president of a condo association, the case required extensive understanding of both business and condominium law.  BVF had the expertise to immediately get in the middle of this case for me and dealt with the plaintiff in a manner that one would not expect from a new firm.  My case was headed by Jason Vishio as lead attorney and backed up by Brett Fisher.  The combination team managed to put together an excellent response to the plaintiff's claims, but also a counterclaim against the plaintiff which set the opposing attorney back on his heels. The plaintiff's attorney immediately knew he was in competition with a very knowledgeable and professional law firm.  During my 35 year of business dealing with multiple lawsuits in the million dollar range, I have never experienced the professional handling of a case on the basis that the combined team that BVF fielded in my defense.  Their response to the basic case was solid and could not have been better and the professional level of the counterclaim could not have been more complete.  So with the ultimate settlement in my favor, while it took a while due to normal court delays, was very positive for myself and my company.  I would and have already recommended the BVF Law firm to anyone looking for a highly-talented and professional young law firm in SW Florida. The partners are very aggressive and will deliver 150% effort in representing their client in the court system.  Over the past 20 years in SW Florida, I typically find most local law firms to either be second tier caliber in handling cases or to be manned by lawyers who are almost retired. This up and coming firm will set a new high to other firms in SW Florida to match and increase the professional level to match large city top flight law firms. If you want to win your next case, talk to the partners at BVF Law Firm today.  You will be very pleased with your outcome and highly satisfied with each of the partner’s performance.  This firm is top notch and far different from most SW Florida law firms.

Joe S., Marco Island, FL.

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