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Breaking Down the Laws to Increase Your Understanding

When it comes to legal matters—whether they be related to business, insurance, real estate, city ordinances, or personal injury—understanding your rights and options can be more than a little confusing. Allow us to eliminate your confusion by providing you answers to the questions you may not have even known to ask.

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  • How can I help my elderly parents make changes to their will?

    There many things children can do to help their parents draft or make changes to a last will and testament. You will need to make an appointment with an attorney to finalize the document, but before this step, you and your parents should have a clear understanding of what you want to include (and not include) in their final wishes.

    What to Do Before Your Appointment With an Elder Law Attorney

    • Consider all aspects. Your mom and dad may have told you who gets the life insurance policy or the antique furniture, but a will goes beyond division of property. Make a list of all of the questions you want your attorney to answer to make sure your will is complete.
    • Think about the “what ifs.” Your parents will also need to draft a living will, or instructions on their care if they are in a coma or unable to make their own medical decisions. Who would be entrusted to make life and death decisions, and has he or she been given power of attorney?
    • Set the plan in motion. Make an appointment to meet with your parents’ attorney. Your parents should choose an executor they can trust to adhere to their wishes, and that person should accompany them to the attorney’s office.
    • Go prepared. It’s better to have too much information than none at all, so make sure you bring all of your important documents with you to your meeting with the attorney. This includes several forms of ID, copies of other wills or trusts, proof of insurance, a list of your assets, tax forms, and anything else you may need to allocate your property.

    Do you have more questions for a Florida elder law attorney? We can help you make sure that your parents have peace of mind as they enjoy their retirement. Click the contact link on this page to set up a consultation with Ric Blackwell today.

  • Can National Guard Veterans Collect US Veterans' Benefits?

    National Guard members are only eligible for VA benefits stemming from their federal service, which includes periods during which they were ordered into federal service by President under the appropriate authority, and tasked to perform duty under the provisions of federal law. National Guard members who are ordered into the active service of state are not eligible for VA benefits related to that service.

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